The documentary video part of the collaboration involves two YouTube video clips posted by 

This includes:

1. Dr. Enrique Salmon discussing kincentric ecology. "I am Raramuri....I wrote that there is no word for wild in my people's language....we are all related...the rain is us and I am the rain...Kincentric ecology....I took that notion of kin, as in relatives, and applied it to how my people and other indigenous people look at our larger environmental and natural  community as relatives."

2. Dr. Devon G. Peña discussing wildness of and through acequias.  Water democracy and the resilient agroecosystems and shifting habitat mosaics of the Culebra River basin acequia farms. "Wildness is the dissolution of the boundaries of the self, accepting an invitation to follow a niche-abiding way of life in gentle relation with more-than-human heings."

Two of the Board Members of The Acequia Institute are contributors to the Wildness Project, a book and video documentary project. The collaboration includes chapter contributions to an anthology edited by Gavin Van Horn and John Haudsfoerffer, Wildness: Relations of People and Place, U. of Chicago Press (2017).  Available here.