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Please check this page regularly for updates. We will continue posting a wide range of reports as a virtual library of use to resilience-oriented acequia and other traditional farmers, food justice activists, and allied research scholars.
1. Policy brief on environmental justice and sustainable agriculture. Prepared by Devon G. Peña for the Second National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit in October 2002.

2. Lecture presented at UC-Berkeley on the South Central Farmers Feeding Families. Presented by Devon G. Peña by invitation of Carolyn Merchant. The SCFFF were the stewards of what was once the largest urban farm in the United States; October 2006. 

3. Article on community acequias in Colorado's Culebra watershed. Prepared by Gregory A. Hicks and Devon G. Peña and published in the University of Colorado Law Review in 2003; this article informed the drafting of the 2009 Colorado Acequia Recognition Law (see #2 in the Acequia Governance Documents below).

4. Ethnobotanical inventory of heirloom cultivars at South Central Farm in Los Angeles. Prepared by Devon G. Peña and Tezozomoc at the farm and completed on-site in June 2006.

5. Draft of unpublished article on Latina/o urbanismDevon G. Peña prepared this 2006 draft which includes an early extended discussion and critique of new urbanism as seen through the lens of the South Central Farm resistance in South Los Angeles.

6. Plenary address prepared for the University of Washington Place Matters Conference. Prepared by Devon G. Peña, this plenary address was presented in October 2006 and is entitled, "Putting knowledge in its place: Epistemologies of place-making in a time of globalization."

7. Draft of Ten-Year Permaculture and Restoration Ecology Plan for Almunyah de las Dos Acequias, Home of the Acequia Institute. Completed and approved in August 2010. Note:  A 10-year progress report is under preparation and will be posted here later.

OPEN ACCESS/FAIR USE RIGHTS: All of these documents may be freely used, circulated, re-posted, and quoted strictly for educational, non-commercial purposes as long as original sources are acknowledged.


1. Colorado Acequia Governance Handbook - Second Edition. Revised and updated October 3, 2016. The Purpose of this Handbook is to provide general information to acequias (irrigation ditches) in Costilla, Conejos, Huerfano and Los Animas Counties. This handbook is not intended to provide legal advice. 

2. Text of the Colorado Acequia Recognition Law. HB 09-1233 was signed by Governor Ritter in April 2009.