Biodynamic & permaculture practices

Indigenous Education

TAI offers field schools, seminars, workshops, retreats, and other educational services focused on acequia agroecology, biodynamics, and indigenous permaculture. Students are also offered mindfulness training through

yoga and  'farming' meditation practice.

Almunyah Seed Library

Ecological Restoration

Our headquarters are located within Caputa Ute territory on a 181-acre riparian long-lot acequia farm in Viejo San Acacio, Colorado. A conservation easement protects the entire parcel and we are in the 10th year of an ecological restoration  project in the riparian zone of the Culebra River.

Grants, Fellowships, &


TAI offers small direct-to-producer grants, graduate student research fellowships, and undergraduate tuition scholarships.  Small grants for conference support are also available.

Declaration of Ek Balam 

TAI works with the Voices of Maize network and participated in the drafting of the Declaration of Ek Balam presented  before the 13th COP of the Convention on Biological Diversity held in Cancún, México, December 2016.

TAI maintains a native seed library focused on the Three Sisters with an active plant breeding program to preserve and restore the genomic integrity of locally-adapted heirloom varieties of maize, bean, and squash. The Almunyah (farm school) is a nonGMO maize producer.

Universidad del Maíz

TAI is launching a campaign to build facilities for a University of Corn serving Native American and Xicanx farmers and supporting the next generation of traditional acequia farmers.

Supporting Environmental and Food Justice

The Acequia Institute is located on Caputa Ute homeland territory at the Almunyah de las Dos Acequias, a 181-acre acequia/riparian long-lot farm in the bottom lands of Viejo San Acacio, Colorado, at an altitude of 7965 ft. above sea level.  TAI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible.