Some important organizations working to protect and promote acequias include:

  1. Colorado Acequia Association. Contact them at 719-672-3005.
  2. New Mexico Acequia Association. Visit their website at

  3. The Christensen Fund. Visit their website at

  4. Rio Grande Bioregions Project. Write to them c/o Dr. Devon G. Peña, Department of Anthropology, Box 353100, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195-3100.

A sister organization dedicated to urban agriculture is:

South Central Farmers Feeding Families, a grassroots group that manages the largest urban farm in the United States in the heart of Los Angeles, California. Visit their website at

For an interview with Dr. Devon G. Peña on the struggle of the South Central Farmers Feeding Families, please visit the website for GoVegan Radio at: and scroll down to the 24 July 2005 program for downloading instructions.

Other links to resources on sustainable agriculture and environmental justice:


If you want to learn more about acequias, the following are good publications to start with:

Hicks, Gregory A. and Devon G. Peña 2003. Community acequias in Colorado's Rio Culebra watershed: A customary commons in the domain of prior appropriation. University of Colorado Law Review 74:2:387-486.

Peña, Devon G., ed. 1998. Chicano culture, ecology, politics: Subversive kin. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

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