Please check this page regularly for updates. We will continue posting a wide range of reports and eventually plan to create a virtual library of use to resilient farmers, food justice activists, and research scholars. There are currently nine documents posted for download:

1. Policy brief on environmental justice and sustainable agriculture prepared for the Second National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit in October 2002.

2. Lecture presented at UC-Berkeley on the South Central Farmers Feeding Families, stewards of what was once the largest urban farm in the United States.

3. Article on community acequias in Colorado's Culebra watershed published in the University of Colorado Law Review (2003).

4. With the permission of the Union of Concerned Scientists, we are also posting a pdf file which is a report entitled, Greener pastures: How grass-fed beef and milk contribute to healthy eating.

5. Institute for Food and Development Policy: 2004 report on the state of migrant farmworkers in the United States, Migrant farmworkers: America's new plantation workers.

6. Text of "Open Letter from Devon Peña to Mayor Villaraigosa on the South Central Farm."

7. Ethnobotanical inventory of heirloom cultivars at South Central Farm in Los Angeles (prepared by Devon G. Peña and Tezozomoc).

8. Draft of a chapter by Devon G. Peña in a forthcoming book on Latinas/os, urban planning, and social movements edited by David R. Díaz: "Toward a critical political ecology of Latina/o sustainable urbanism" includes an extended discussion of urban agriculture and the South Central Farm in Los Angeles.

9. Plenary address prepared for the Place Matters Conference at UW (October 2006): "Putting knowledge in its place: Epistemologies of place-making in a time of globalization."

FAIR USE RIGHTS: All of these documents can be freely used, circulated, re-posted, and quoted as long as sources are acknowledged.

Link 1. Environmental justice and sustainable agriculture
Link 2. South Central Farmers Feeding Families
Link 3. Community acequias in Colorado's Rio Culebra watershed
Link 4. Union of Concerned Scientists - Greener Pastures
Link 5. Migrant farmworkers: America's new plantation workers
Link 7. Preliminary List of Botanical Species Grown at South Central Farm
Link 8. Toward a critical political ecology of Latina/o sustainable urbanism
Link 9. Place Matters Conference Plenary (October 2006)